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Accounting Formulas And Accounting Ratio

Accounting Equation Formulas

Golden Rules of Accounting

Break Even Formulas

Cash Ratio Formulas

Contribution Margin Formulas

Debt to Equity Ratio Formulas

Financial Leverage Formulas Financial Leverage

Liquidity Ratio Formulas

market Values Ratio Formulas

Profitability Ratio Formulas

Turnover Ratio Formulas

Future Value Formulas

Inventory Formulas

Inventory Turnover Ratio = Cost of goods sold / Average inventory
Average Inventory = 1/2(Opening stock + Closing stock)
Average Inventory holding period= 365 days / Inventory Turnover
Average Inventory holding period= (365 days * Average Inventory) / Cost of goods sold

Share and Dividends

Shareholders Equity = Capital Stock + Retained Earnings
Dividends per share = Dividend amount / Number of equity shares
Earning per share = net profit available for equity shareholders / Number of equity shares

More Accounting and ratio Formulas

Current ratio = Current assets / Current liabilities

Quick ratio/Acid test ratio = Quick assets / Current liabilities

External-internal equity = External equity / Internal equity

Debt Equity Ratio = Total long term debts / shareholder' funds

Debt to net worth = Total long term debt / Shareholder's funds

Debt vs. funds = total long term debts / Total long term funds

Debt service ratio = Earnings before interest and taxes / Fixed interest charges