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What is algorithm

Algorithm is a steps involving to solve any problem or we can say that whatever steps we follow or take to solve any problem is known as algorithm. algorithm is mainly step by step solution of any problem. in algorithm we write step means what we do first to solve problem and what we do next and so on till result.

Example : Algorithm to calculate average of numbers

  • Step 1: define variable
  • Step 2: initialize variable
  • Step 3: Add each number
  • Step 4: calculate average of number by deviding sum of number to total number involving in average
  • Step 5: print output

What is flowchat

Flowchart is a graphical representation of program execution sequence or algorithm. flowchat is describe as a flow of data or steps involves to flow data from one resource to other resource of any system or program.

Example 1 : flow chart to check user provided number is odd or even.

flow chart for odd number, even number check

Example 2 : E-learning apps flow chart

flowchart of e-learning apps

Example 3 : flowchart of video tutorials apps where admin can update, delete or upload new video

video tutorials apps flow chart for admin