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How to upload video in Amazon aws and access from salesforce apps or any web pages

Procedure to upload and access video from amazon server
For accessing video from amazon server you need to create permission
Log into your Amazon s3 consol
Enter email id or password and click sign in using our secure server button for login

aws login

click on S3 link from storage & content Delivery

s3 services

click on create bucket for creating new bucket and store video


After clicking on create bucket button popup window will appear .enter bucket name and region and click on create button.


After creating bucket select it
Uplade video by clicking upload button or by clicking action->upload

upload video

Select video by clicking Add file button and than click start upload button.

select video

Your video upload will start on right side.after upload Select uploaded video and click property button and In Metadata change video value to video/mp4 and click save button.

change video type

Now you need to generate bucket policy open url for generate bucket policy. and Select policy type s3 bucket policy and Action getobject

generate bucket policy

And in amazon resource name(ARM)enter arm:aws:s3:::myvideofolder1/* and click Add Statement button.

amazon resource name field

After Adding statement Click Generate policy button
Your bucket Policy will be generated now copy bucket policy


Now select Your Folder from Amazon s3 consol and click property button and open permission link. Click on add bucket policy link popup will generate now past your bucket policy in this window and click save button .

save bucket policy

After Saving bucket policy select video file and property of that can find video url now copy that url.

copy video url

After completing this procedure you can access video from amazon server .

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true"></iframe>

Copy this code to your salesforce page or any oter web page for accessing video.