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How to create AWS Java project in eclipse

For working on Amazon web services project first you need to install AWS java sdk in eclipse ide
from Help->install new software-> and enter http://aws, in work with and select AWS Deployment Tools and click next button . and follow bellow steps for creating new aws java project.

install 16-Apr-16aws development kit in eclipse

Step 1- click on file -> new -> other

create new project

Step-2 Select AWS Java Project

select aws java project

Step 3- Provide Name of newproject and click on Finish Button

project name

Step 4- right click on project src folder and click on new -> package

create new package

enter name of new package and click on finish button.
Step 7- right click on package and create new class(new -> class). provides name of class and click finish button.
your class is created now you can write code in this class.

How to Run AWS Java project

Step 1- right click on project and click on run as java application.

run aws project

Step 2 – out put will be display at consol.
Step 3 – if you want to check output then you can check through amazon web consol Or check bucket or file stored in s3 bucket with the help of chrome s3Browser.
Step4-Click on s3browser that’s appear right side of chrome browser.


Step 5- All Amazon S3 bucket will be display and you can check bucket for output

file in bucket

Step 6-You can also manually upload file in your bucket by clicking S3 browser plus sign that appear right side.