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What is C++ ?

C++ is a computer programming language that based on object oriented concepts like encapsulation,overloading,polymorphism etc. it was developed by Bjarne stroustrup at AT&T Bell Loboratories in early 1980's. because of it's object oriented feature programmer can build large programs with clarity , extensibility and easy to maintenance feature .

Features of C++ object orinted programming

  • Data can not be accessed by external function means data is hidden from external function.
  • Object communicate with each other through functions of class.
  • New data and object can be easily added.
  • Emphasis on data rather then procedure.
  • Data encapsulation/Data binding
  • Data hiding .
  • Auto initialization through construction and clear object through destructors.
  • Operator overloading
  • Function overloading
  • Exception handling
  • Easily maintainable and expandable

Concepts used in C++

1) Object
2) Classes
3) Abstraction/Encapsulation
4) Inheritance
5) Polymorphism
6) Dynamic binding

Simple Hello world program in C++

#include // include header file
int main()
cout<<"Hello World program in C++.\n" ;
return 0;

operater << is output operator that use to generate out put of program.
output of this program will be
Hello World program in C++.

C++ program execution begin with main() function so every program must have a main function.
every statment in c++ terminate with semicolons.

How to write comments in C++

C++ provides two way to write comments in program
1) used double slash
2) used C language comments symbol like /* for opening comments and */ for closing .
// this is comment line
/* comments start hear

comments ends */