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Folders in Windows operating system

Folders are icon or places where we can keep or collect several related files or folders at one place.that’s mainly used to arrange files and folders.

How to create folder

Right click on windows where you want to create folder and select new from popup menu then select folder option for creation new folder.
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After creating new folder write name of folder or press enter button for default folder name.


Step1: Right click on desktop or in folder windows
Step2: select new option
Step3: Click on folder option
Step4: Type new folder name
Step5: Press enter

How to rename folder

Rename folder is a process to provide new name of existing folder.
How to rename existing folder
Step1: Right click on folder
Step2: Select rename

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Step3: Type folder name
Step4: Press enter

How to delete folder

Step1 : Right click on folder those you want to delete
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Step2 : click on delete option
Step3 : click yes button

2nd method

select folder and press del button.if you want to delete folder permanently from your computer then press shift button + del button.

How to create two folder with same name

Step1 -> Create folder
Step2 -> Type folder name
Step3 -> create next folder
Step4 -> Type same folder name
Step5 -> press & hold alt + 255
Step6 -> press enter

How to create nameless folder

Step1 -> right click on desktop or drives where you want to create nameless folder
Step2 -> Go to new option
Step3 ->Click folder option
Step4 -> press and hold alt +255
Step5 ->press enter button