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What is Operating System

Operating system is a system software that use to manages resources of computer system like hardware,printer,scanner , main memory(RAM), secondary memory(Hard disk),users and other software (Microsoft office, java etc)installed in computers. it’s manages process,file,disk,input/output,network,user and hardware and software of computer system.

Types of operating systems

1) Single user single tasking(example DOS operating system)
2) Single user multi tasking(example Windows operating system)
3) Multi user multi tasking(example Unix operating system)
Based on user interface operating system divided into two type
1) Command user interface – Task performed by typing commands. example of command user interface oprating system is DOS opeating system where task performed by commends like user type dir to display files and directories.
2) Graphical user interface- Task performed by clicking on small picture icons, buttons etc.example of graphical user interface opeating system is Microsoft windows operating system where task performed by clicking icons(folders,files etc)

What is Booting in operating system

Booting is a process of starting computer that’s performed by basic input output system(BIOS).in this process BIOS load’s operating system into random access memory(RAM).

There are mainly two type of booting process

1) Cold Booting

2) Warm Booting

How to Start Computer

Switch on the main power supply -> Switch on the UPS button -> Switch on CPU power button

How to Close Computer

1st Method - Left click on start button

Left click on Shut Down button

2nd Method - Press ALT + F4 + ENTER

What is desktop

Desktop is the first screen which appears after starting computer. It’s contains various Icons like computers icon, files, folders, Recycle Bin and taskbar etc. after appearing desktop screen user can operate the computer system or perform various task. User can easily put programs ,folder,file or Applications on the desktop and use whenever required.

Elements of desktop




What is Desktop background or wall paper

Desktop background or wall paper is a pictures which appears on the desktop screen.

How to change Desktop background or wall paper

Step 1 -> Right click on desktop
Step 2 -> Click personalize
click personalize option for changing wall paper
Step 3 -> Click desktop background click change dasktop background option for changing wall paper
Step 4 -> Click browse button
Step 5 -> Select picture
select background picture Step 6 -> Set picture position and slide time
Step 7 -> Click Save changes.

Second methods of changing desktop background images

Right click on picture and select set as desktop background.