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Procedure to create Mobile Apps in Sap Mobile with the help of Apps builder

Step 1-> Download appbuilder-1.0.1252 ZIP file and unzip where you want to install apps builder.

Step 2-> for starting apps builder software open run(Window Batch File) file.

Step 3-> if you want to create new apps click new button on apps builder.

apps builder main page

Step 4-> Enter project name Device type(phone,Tablet) and template(Generic Application , Tab Based Application) type and click confirm button.

create new apps

After clicking confirm button you will get a blank template

Step 5-> click on Tool tab that's use to create new apps

sap mobile apps builder template

Step 6 -> Drag and drop tool(Bar , Button, Chart, Checkbox etc) for creating apps and for adding event like (on select , on press) Click Event link and specify event name and write proper code for event in Source file.

tools for creating mobile apps
Step 7 -> if you want to use data source in your project then select data source tab and add new data source.

provide name of data source ,URL of data sources, username and password and click confirm button.

add data source

Step 8-> if you want to use JSON file then go to PROJECT panel, select model folder in your Project and Go to menu New File from FILE main menu.

create json file

Step 9-> write name of Json file like Employee.json

enter name of json file

Step 10-> A blank json file will be appear after creating new file .

blank json file

Step 11 ->Write json data on file and save that file

{ "empid": 1, "fname": "Prakash", "lname": "Singh", "Gender": "1","sdate": "22/07/2014", "salary": "25000" },
{ "empid": 2, "fname": "Amit", "lname": "Kumar", "Gender": "0","sdate": "06/08/2014", "salary": "45000" },


Step 12 ->Save your apps and run apps you will get screen like

run sap mobile apps
And according to button press or select event your apps works