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How to design E-learning mobile apps

Create sign up page if user have account then go to the login page.

apps signup

Enter email id and password or login with facebook account.

login with facebook

After successful login avalable course will display on screen where user can choose course .

avalable course

selected course content or video will display on screen.

selected course content

user click on video and watch course video.

watch video tutorials

After completion of course user can go to test page where user test his knowledge about particular course.

knowledge his test

After completion of test result will display like correct answer, wrong answer.

test result

apps menu show different type of user menu like avalable course, paid course, contact us, user profile updation etc.

user menu option

user can select available paid apps.

select available paid apps

pay fee of paid apps through paypal.

pay fee of paid apps with paypal

user can search available course here.

search available course

see upcoming course.

upcoming course details

user can update his/her profile with the help of this page.

update profile page

if user find out any difficulties or problem then they can contact through this page.

contact us page