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Workflow Creation in salesforce

For opening Flow creation window

Go to the setup-->Expend Create --> workflow & Approvals -->click Flow link
All flow will listed there for creating new flow Click newFlow button

New Flow Window will be appears

you can find all tool or element on the left side of flow creation page. drag and drop screen tool on right side page that comes under user interface tab . A new popup window will be appears. Enter name of screen

Add Screen field from Add a field tab

Define Label and property of screen field(ex default value).

Add other element like text , checkbox,dropdown etc and define label ,property and behavior of field

creating ,updating ,deleting record and record lookup

For creating record,updating record,deleting record and record lookup we can use data tool. for example if we want to show custom object data in flow we use Record lookup elements. for record lookup drag and drop record lookup element and provide name and select custom object and choose field and provide condition for showing data of custom object.

Now create Screen to display custom object record and connect screen to record lookup element
for create screen drag and drop Screen element and enter name of screen

add field for displaying custom object data

For Creating New record Drag and drop Record Create element and provide name and choose custom object for mapping.

choose field of custom object and assign value to created form field.

provide link between screen and Record create element

click right corner of screen for selecting startup screen.

Save and run flow